Each warmer lasts up to 18 hours 10 warmers per pack (20 warmers total) Asking $9 Smoke/pet free home Expire 02/2020
Beautiful low growing, spreading ground cover. Can also go into annual planters, which will spill over the edge! $3 for a nice chunk to get you started
47" tall 26" at widest point. Holds up to 9 pots. Holders fold up as shown in picture. Pots not included. South Appleton. Cross-posted
Cute accessory to add to your garden! 20" tall 26" wide and 15" deep. Pots included. One picket missing. Cross-posted South Appleton.
Perfect in your garden with flowers or pots.26" x 14" x 13" tall. S. Appleton
I was told that these are butter cups but I m not sure if they are sundrops or evening primrose. Regardless though, they are very easy to take care of and give an excellent burst of color in the garden! I have seen them do very well in the sun and shade. Little to no work needed for these guys. The flowers grow on the tops of approx 12 stems and offer a nice fall foliage. LOTS of these to divid...


$5 for all 5 boxes. 144 count. Appleton by st Elizabeth hospital. Cross posted
Let me know how many you have and what youd like for them unless you're willing to donate them to me.